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    A simple meal, produces up to 12 wheels depending on quantity of tuna and willingness to experiment with the volume.

    Cooking time: 15 minutes

    Prep time: 5 minutes

    A "complete" meal: 30 minutes.



    1. Preheat (or don't, the time only changes slightly) to 350F
    2. Get a nice baking sheet and put on some foil for easy cleanup of spilled cheese. Bonus crispy cheese source.
    3. Bring out a bowl, enough to hold two cans of tuna and some mayo. A normal dinner bowl works ok.
    4. Any extras you want to add. This reciepe isn't set in stone, just html.

    The steps to produce a tuna wheel

    1. Open and drain the tuna cans. Avoid cats who will be summoned.
    2. Add the tuna to your bowl of choice.
    3. Add the mayo to you bowl of choice.
    4. Mix together the tuna and mayo.
    5. The consistency should be fairly close to mayo, and not very runny.
    6. Split an english muffin in half.
    7. Spread on some of the tuna mix on one of the halves. Try to estimate it as 1/8th (for 4 muffins) or 1/12th (for 6 muffins) the volume of material. You could also weigh the mix and proportion it this way, but this isn't an exact science.
    8. Generously coat the tuna mix layered muffin's top with shredded cheese.
    9. Add to your baking sheet. Add a bit more cheese, it truly is a cheese mountain.
    10. Repeat until your baking sheet or other device is full.
    11. Add the full baking sheet to oven and heat for 15 (+2 if not preheated) minutes, until the cheese is browning.
    12. Remove from the oven.
    13. Let cool for a few minutes. Will be hot and melty.
    14. Add to your plates and add your dressing on the side. You can also add on top.

    And with that, you have a tuna wheel meal. And maybe some spare english muffins and cheese if you underestimated the tuna volume.